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Alexandra's Story

October's Coveted Stone: Opal

The Opal stone promotes feelings of kindness, communication, and harmony. Symbolic of friendship, use this stone to mark the importance of a valued relationship in your life.


Soap maker extraordinaire, Alexandra Hulley, was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. Once upon a time, she began experimenting with perfumery and essential oil scent combinations using various mediums, until she tried soap making on a whim. Thankfully, it stuck! Prior to launching Nectrous two years ago, Alexandra was only making soap for herself and friends. Since then, she has fallen in love with natural ingredients and the ways in which they can be combined to make wonderful things for your skin, that smell great AND feel great. Let's dive in with Alexandra and explore how Nectrous came to life.



Q: Let’s start off with the basics. Who is Alexandra Hulley and what does she do?

A: I’m a Vancouver gal who started making soap a little over three years ago, became totally obsessed with the art of soap making, and launched a company focused on said soap two years ago. 


Q: What was the driving force for you to open Nectrous? 

A: I originally started making soap as a perfumery medium- I love combining essential oils to create specific scents I have in mind. The formulation of the soap itself is what really hooked me, though. The process of thinking “ok, I want to create a soap that’s extremely hydrating but also has a creamy lather and smells like swimming in a lake by a copse of trees with your friends” and then tweaking a formula until I achieve that is so satisfying, and I wanted to share that. 


Q: We are so very lucky to carry your soap in the MAJ boutique. Not only are the formulas and scents perfect, but the soap and packaging are both beautiful. In what ways does Nectrous creatively fulfill you?

A: Nectrous scratches so many creative itches I didn’t know I had. Taking a conception I have for a bar and then applying the analytical and scientific part of my brain to formulate it just right and having a tangible and very sensorial product at the end is so, so rewarding for me *chefs kiss*. 



Q: Opal is a stone that is known to promote all the good feelings associated with friendship. What key traits do you look for in your close friendships?

A: I don’t know if there’s anything specific I look for in friends, but those closest to me are all a magic cocktail of rock solid/ hilarious/ very very smart. 


Q: How has friendship driven your career?

A: Friendship is everything to me, and as an extension, friendship is everything to Nectrous. My friends are an unstoppable ride or die cheering section, and often my inspiration.  


Q: What makes you a good friend?

A: I’m loyal and accepting and a top-tier co-pilot on road trips.  



Q: What is your go to accessory and why?

A: If I have a slim gold chain or a bold pair of earrings on I can do anything. 


Q:  What are some challenges people might not have realized you faced as you developed your business?

A:  Sourcing! It’s one thing to know that you need this essence or that oil but locating it, preferably from a Canadian distributor, can be a feat. 


Q: What is your superpower?

A: Seasoning food, directions, and optimism. 



Q: Who would your celebrity best friend be?

A: Rihanna for sure, though I think I would also vibe with the grounded presence of Kermit the Frog. 


Q: What is next for Nectrous?

A: An expansion into products outside of bar soap! I won’t put something out that I’m not 100% in love with myself, so it’s critical to me that I take the time to tweak recipes until they’re exactly right. With that being said, I’ve been working on two new product categories for a while now that I’m really excited to release into the world. 


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