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July's Coveted Stone: Ruby

Known as a talisman of passion, protection, and prosperity, the red hue suggests an inextinguishable flame. Adorn this stone to cultivate love and passion in your world.


JJ Walsh is the Founder and Creative Director of Fig (, the world’s first clean facial destination. Having opened its first location (The Fig Bar) in Vancouver this Spring, Fig’s unique offering includes clean injections, high tech facials and curated clean skincare products.

Originally from London, England, JJ started her career as an assistant to the iconic, late Fashion Editor Isabella Blow - renowned for discovering such talents as Alexander McQueen and Phillip Tracey. JJ quickly rose to Jewelry and Fashion Editor of Tatler magazine (Condé Nast) where she oversaw Creative Direction and production of the magazines jewelry and fashion content. 

Whilst at Tatler, JJ founded the multi-disciplinary Creative Agency, JJW Studio offering Interior Design, Experience Design and Creative Direction to brands including Louis Vuitton, Boodles, Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Graff, Selfridges to name a few.

JJ lives in Vancouver with her husband and three young children.



Q: Tell us a bit about your industry. What does this industry mean to you?

A:  I am in the wellness industry – the fastest growing global industry!  I have been fortunate enough to work in industries which stimulate me.  As my priorites have shifted in my 30’s, with family and lifestyle,  I am a huge advocate for making choices for a healthy and fulfilling life.


Q: What feeling or moment did you have when you knew you had to build Fig Face?

A: When I was beyond frustrated that my needs weren’t being met and also feeling pretty exhausted after 3 children and missing the energy of a big city. This was an exciting opportunity and the time was right– no one was doing clean service, in a highly designed, highly efficient way. It was an overwhelming urge and desire to create this niche.



Q: Where did the name Fig Face come from?

A: Plump, velvety, rather provocative - I love the botanical conitations that Figs evoke.  A Fig is acutally an inverted flower with the blooms on the inside and we believe in treating skin from the inside out. Our interiors are designed as an ode to the Fig. Green, with an all pink bathroom.


Q: It is clear that Fig was born out of your passion to transform the skincare and wellness industry. What do you think is next for this industry? What is next for you?

A: The clean skincare industry is going mainstream, as it should. Stigmas will fade, it is about health and wellness – its normal for us to look after our bodies – we should do the same with our biggest organ – our skin. Everyone has skin!  For me? We are only just getting started, our immediate future is to open another Fig Bar in Vancouver, and then LA we are coming for you…maybe a product launch is in the cards too.



Q: What was your first job?

A: I ran the guestlists for top London night clubs. It was an education in the hustle and social skills.


Q: If you could go back and tell 12 year old JJ one thing, what would it be?

A: Keep working hard. Invest in Vancouver property 10 years before you did. Wear sunscreen.


Q: You have a great eye for design. The Fig Bar is so immersive and provides an experience unlike any other in your industry. How does the physical space lend itself to company culture? (not sure how to answer the company culture bit) 

A: Thank you. I believe that a well designed space and guest experience should go hand in hand. For example, you visit a restaurant for the food but also for the ambience. That is what I wanted to create at Fig – if only for 30 minutes – you get your design fix as well as your skincare fix.

The flow, the lighting, the textures, the scent, the music, the menu – it should all be considered.



Q: What do you want to be known for?

A: Creating a legacy. Loving hard. Working hard. Playing hard.  But above all carrying myself with kindness and integrity.


Q: What is your superpower?

A: Energy + multitasking.


Q: What are your self care musts?

A: Fig facials + Fig Shots. And gardening with a good podcast.


Q: What is your go-to accessory?

A:  Luminous skin…with a headband + a good pair of earrings.


Q: The best career advice you have or have received?

A: -  ‘Launch out into the deep’ which my father told me from a young age and I reference it frequently.  (Oli and I had it inscribed on our wedding order of service). And never under estimate the power of perseverance and passion.



Photos by Jaime Drake

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