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November's Coveted Stone: Citrine

The Citrine Stone is known as the growth stone. Used to cultivate confidence and energy, keep this stone on hand at the start of a new phase, cycle, or project.


Liz Rosa is a celebrated photographer, lover of life, and a mom-to-be. Born and raised in Vancouver, Liz spends her time practicing yoga, playing guitar, painting, and practicing thoughtful rituals in life. Now an internationally sought after photographer, Liz was once a professional dancer. Having grown up under the influencer of her mother who owned a Vancouver dance studio, she eventually branched out to pursue photography full time after high school. From internships in LA, to on location shoots, Liz’s photography has taken her around the globe and has led to her work being published all over the world. Her next big adventure...becoming a momma!


Q: How long have you been a photographer? What are the best parts about your job? 

A:  I’ve always had a love for photography.  In high school I used to skip class and hangout in our darkroom, such a nerd.  Professionally I’ve been shooting for just about a decade! I hold the world in such reverence and the beauty it possesses, and I feel honoured that it has become my job to capture it.  I am always meeting new and inspiring people and bringing their/our visions to life, I think that has to be one of my favourite parts!


Q: We were lucky enough to have you as the face of our diamond huggies campaign this month. Do you think your experiences in front of the camera assist in how you operate as a photographer?

A: It was an honour :) It definitely does! It just puts into perspective what people need from me when they sit in front of my lens.



Q: How do you make people feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera?

A: When I’m shooting my subject I never stop conversing. I try to make it like were just a couple of friends having a good time. It’s a constant transference of energy and the more I give the more I get! I’m always directing and reassuring, and making my happy noises.  The more confident people feel, the more people are willing to go outside of their comfort zone… which is usually where the magic happens!


Q: Citrine is a stone that promotes all positive energies for any new projects or phases in your life. You are now on a very exciting new chapter as a momma to be! (Congrats!)  What are some unexpected new feelings or values that have developed throughout your pregnancy?

A:  Citrine actually happens to be one of my favourite stones, they say it captures the energy of the sun.  I recently bought the most beautiful citrine crystal and have been carrying it around with me during pregnancy, and will be next to me during delivery too!  Pregnancy for me has taught me many lessons in surrender! Surrendering your body, your emotions, your energy, your schedule... Everything. It’s been beautiful, but also extremely challenging, especially because I normally feel in control of most of these things. I feel so humbled and honoured that my body is able to create life. I still can’t quite fathom it!



Q: What special practice, routine or tradition are you planning to keep alive with your little one?

A: Self expression, meditation, kindness! We are in charge of this worlds next generation, and raising children with a more conscious mindset, I think, will be the key to many beautiful changes.  I was raised by such loving and supportive parents who gave me the freedom to explore all corners, and I am forever grateful for that beautiful space they provided me.


Q: What about motherhood is most exciting to you?

A: Oh man, the excitement of the unknown! I feel like this little one will be the gateway for a whole new level of love and creativity in my life, and will just elevate all things! I’ve always known motherhood would be something I would experience in this lifetime, and I’m ready for my tiny little guru to challenge me and teach me, and to come join me earthside.



Q: If you could photography anyone in the world, who would it be?

A: Oh, there are so many, and it's constantly changing!! Right now I would love to shoot Sabrina Claudio, you can feel her through her music.  I love to shoot really expressive people, and those who just seem really secure in their authenticity. I think our energies would jam and we would create something really magical together!


Q: How do you deal with negative energy?

A: With time, I’ve definitely become more aware and sensitive to the energies around me, and therefore learned to protect myself a little more. Pregnancy definitely heightened this for me as well!  I feel like I’ve had to become more selfish in ways. If there is a situation or a person not vibrating at the highest frequency, there are some instantaneous boundaries set on my end, a ‘protective love bubble’ if you will.  I try not to take things personally, and just remind myself that the best way to combat negativity is to be the one emanating the good vibes!


Q: What piece of advice, mantra, or loving saying will you tell your child?

A: The only path you’re on, is your own!  I have learnt this lesson myself many times, and seems to continuously show up in different forms.  Individuality is our sacred birthright, and I feel like remembering this is the key to being the absolute best version of yourself! Also, just love. Always.


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