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MAJ: Roaming

Welcome to MAJ Roaming. Each month, we will feature the people who inspire us and the colourful places they took our jewels. It’s all part of the story. This month, we chatted with Jules, of @JulesJetSets to learn more about her travels. Jules is a Los Angeles based travel and lifestyle influencer. Her blog is a space where she shares insight, inspiration, and travel. She has combatted the traditional 9-5 avenue for as long as she can remember. Instead, she’s always valued the kind of independence and freedom that travel could offer.



She has found the solo traveled road to be a catalyst for self-discovery, growth, understanding, and acceptance. As her social media presence developed, she utilized Instagram as a tool to establish her personal brand. An outlet filled with her musings, lifestyle, and travel experiences.

Her main goal has been to inspire others to lead an enlivening and authentic life.


What city/ place do you call home? Chico, CA. A city near the foothills of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges. 


What is your favorite thing about where you live? I love the proximity to so many amazing spots in nature. Lassen Volcanic National Park is one of my favorite locations to spend the day hiking-- and it’s an easy day-trip. I also really love that Chico has city amenities with a small town kind of feel. 


What does your perfect day look like?  A slow morning to start. Enjoying coffee and reading in bed. I don’t look at my phone for the first hour of being awake.  I move on to journaling or doing something that feels good creatively. Just a flow of undisrupted thoughts and new ideas. Afterwards, I’d enjoy a healthy breakfast with my husband (with a smoothie, of course. We’re big into smoothies in this household ).  I respond to emails and take client calls around 11 am and then shoot and edit content. After I’m done with work, I’d catch up with a friend or my family. Then I would spend time in nature - move my body, take in the sights and sounds of my beautiful local park, and do a walking meditation. Following that, I’d go to the ceramics studio with my friend. I’m not very good at ceramics yet but  there’s something about creating with my hands that feeds my soul. Later, I’d prepare a dinner chock full of greens and vegetables from the local farmer’s market. As I wind down for the night, I’d plan and dream about all of the places I want to travel to with my husband over the next year. Feeling inspired and relaxed; I then burn some sage, slip between my cool sheets, and read for an hour before dozing off. 


Where was your last vacation? My last little mini-vacation was in Lake Tahoe, CA. 


What essential style pieces did you pack? An essential style piece I packed is black denim -- I have a lot of fun styling around it. My essential jewels I packed are the Prism Pendant, Haven Pendant, and Lumos Studs. 


What is the best meal you’ve ever had? Pizza with Buffalo Mozzarella cheese and fresh tomatoes & basil in Genoa, Italy (near where my family lives). It was undoubtedly the yummiest and most memorable meal I’ve ever had. 


What is your go-to karaoke song? Underneath It All - No Doubt 


What is the last thing you read or watched that you couldn’t get enough of? I just finished reading Circe and absolutely loved it! I’m really into reading Greek Mythology & High Fantasy books. 


You inspire us. Can you tell us who inspires you? Aww what a wonderful compliment, thank you <3  My mom is one of my greatest inspirations. She raised my brother and me as a single mother --  and always encouraged me to travel and trust myself. I think she really helped nurture my entrepreneurial spirit from a young age.  She’s also been a Neonatal Nurse for 30 years which I think is incredibly noteworthy. I personally can’t imagine a more challenging profession. She shows up to it each day with the same warmth and eagerness of wanting to make a positive difference for both the babies and the families. 


What is your holy grail MAJ piece? The Haven Pendant! I think it’s SO stunning and it’s a befitting every-day piece for me as I always feel like the mountains are calling me; they’re my favorite place to go to feel inspired or retreat to if I’m simply craving solitude.


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