Curate your earscape with a piercing experience designed just for you! For this complimentary offering, you will consult with a tenured piercer and purchase from our assortment of 14k gold piercing studs.

Piercing Studs

With safety and hygiene top of mind, all our piercing studs have been sterilized, autoclaved, and packaged specifically for piercing. Piercings are done with a 18-gauge hypodermic and sterilized needle, by our trained and tenured piercers. 

*Piercing studs are available in limited quantities, inquire with our boutiques for specific stock.

Vancouver Boutique - (236) 986-7845

Toronto Boutique - (647) 828-5274

Piercing Offerings

After a consultation with our piercer, you can select from any spot on your ear lobe, helix, or flat cartilage to have pierced.