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With a new year, comes new packaging. We sat down with our Operations Manager, Kristy Lobban, to discuss the new design and our reason for making the change! 


Hey Kristy! We couldn’t be more excited to finally reveal the brand-new packaging to the MAJ community. Can you share a bit more about what inspired the change? 

The idea behind the redesign of our packaging stemmed from the desire to align it with the evolution of the Melanie Auld brand and our products. Throughout the sourcing and redesign process, our focus was twofold: to emphasize locality and recyclability while streamlining the packing process by reducing the number of components per order. 


What was the most exciting part of spearheading this project?  

Learning! Delving into the intricate details of packaging design and witnessing the integration of elements from our previous boxes into the new design was exciting. Collaborating with a local company to bring it all to life was rewarding too, involving engaging visits to the production facility, sampling various materials, and enjoying the hands-on process of working through sample mockups. 

How does the new packaging support our sustainability initiatives at MAJ?   

The redesigned jewelry boxes for our demi-fine and fine pieces (apart from MTO pieces) are crafted from recyclable FSC® certified paper. These boxes are constructed without the use of glue, and can be easily unfolded, flattened, and put in your curbside recycling if desired or reused to store your MAJ pieces. We partnered with a local Vancouver company, which runs a 100% carbon neutral operation, to produce our new jewelry boxes, care cards, and thank-you cards. The microfiber pouches your pieces arrive in can be reused over and over again while travelling, or as a place to safely store your MAJ pieces. 

When will community members be able to bring home their pieces with the new packing?   

Online customers have been experiencing the rollout of the new packaging since December 1. Our boutiques in Vancouver and Toronto will begin using the new packaging mid-December and early in the new year, respectively. Additionally, those who purchased one of our gift sets during the holiday season, have already brought home pieces in the new packaging!

Is there anything else you’d like to share?  

We are excited about the new designs and hope that our community finds as much joy in them as we do! We hope you continue sharing your unboxing and gifting experiences with us; your stories are invaluable in the MAJ experience. Thank you for being a part of our journey! 

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