Creating timeless, custom, and conversation-starting pieces that are meant to be layered and styled to evolve over time.

Our Founder

A lover of jewelry and all its intricacies, Mel has always been a proponent of reimagining a classic and telling a story through exquisitely designed pieces. Melanie’s journey to jewelry started as a passion and a curiosity and after attending countless metalsmithing classes, she was guided toward what would soon become her career, creating modern yet nostalgic jewelry.

Travel is a key element in sparking inspiration and new ideas into Melanie’s designs. Exploration allows her to refresh and rejuvenate, creating space to put her process in motion and connect to new people and places that will inevitably inform her designs. It wasn’t until after years of traveling and living abroad that she settled down in Vancouver with her husband and two children, realizing then, that designing jewelry was her passion.

In 2013, her namesake, Melanie Auld Jewelry, was born, a collection of fine and demi-fine pieces that ignite connection and mark meaningful moments, both big and small. Each item showcases the power of storytelling and the people and places we meet along the way.

Our Jewelry

Melanie Auld Jewelry crafts timeless, versatile, custom, and conversation-starting pieces that are meant to be layered and styled to evolve over time. Personalization is at the heart of MAJ and customers have the option to create a signature piece that represents their unique story with our elevated offering. Pulling from Melanie’s heritage, the majority of MAJ’s pieces are crafted in Italy using recycled materials.

With a keen focus on aesthetics, our jewelry is rooted in creating small connections. So often, jewelry is purchased to mark a pivotal occasion, but we don’t believe that has to be the case. The small ones matter, too. From memorable excursions to first apartments, our jewelry commemorates the stories that make us human.

Our Boutiques

Melanie Auld boutiques are a physical manifestation of the brand, centered around connection, experiences and warmth. We opened our doors in 2019, with a subtle nod to time spent in the Mediterranean, our boutiques are sure to transport you to a place that invites connection, reprieve and inspiration.

A place to connect with our trusted stylists, our boutiques offer a vast selection of jewelry, perfectly positioned so you have the opportunity to touch and feel anything and everything that speaks to you. An open and inviting space that cultivates community whether you’re shopping alone, with a friend or bonding over permanent jewelry.

The in-store experience is a nod to our original inspiration—to find power in our stories and to celebrate and elevate everyday moments.