Size Guides

We know shopping for jewelry online can be tricky! Use the size guide below to help best determine the perfect fit for you. Alternatively, we’d love for you to stop by our Vancouver or Toronto boutiques to get professionally sized and determine the right measurements!


We are also always here to support with any questions you may have regarding our size guides. Connect with our expert stylists at We look forward to it!


How to measure an existing ring: 

What you need: Your existing ring and a ruler

      1. Choose a ring that fits your desired finger best.


      2.Use a ruler to measure the inner diameter of your ring in mm. Measure horizontally.


      3. Refer to the chart below for conversions between different country’s sizing. 


Inner Diameter (mm) 





I 1/2 



J 1/2 



L 1/2 



N 1/2 



P 1/2 



R 1/2 




T 1/2 




How to measure your finger:

What you need: A pair of scissors, paper, a pen and a ruler

     1. Print the paper ring sizer below. 


     2. At the dotted line, cut a short slit. Slip the pointed end into the cut slit and  slip the paper ring sizer over your desired finger.


     3. Pull the pointed end snug against your desired finger, comfortably but not too tight!


     4. Refer to the numbers on the paper ring sizer. The number on the cut slit is your ring size.



If your knuckle is larger than your fitted ring size, repeat the same process around your knuckle. Compare your fitted ring size and your knuckle size and size up if necessary.


It is totally okay to have some resistance around your knuckle when sliding on a ring. Just keep in mind whether or not the ring is restricting movement or sitting uncomfortably.



Additional Tips + Tricks:


We offer our Gold Vermeil and Sterling Silver rings in full sizes only. If you are in between sizes, we recommend sizing up! It’s better to have a little bit of wiggle room than have your ring be too tight.


Temperature changes can affect your ring size. If the temperature is cold, your fingers will be smaller and if the temperate is warm/hot, your finger size may expand. Our fingers swell throughout the day so the best time to measure is at the end of the day when temperatures are more neutral. 

Bracelets & Anklets

How to measure your wrist and/or ankle: 

What you need: A soft tape measure and/or a string, a pen/marker and a ruler


Tape measure method

1. Wrap your soft tape measure around the widest and most comfortable part  of your wrist/ankle.

2. Note the measurement on your tape measure as that is wrist/ankle size/length.

3. Size up for a more comfortable fit.


String method

     1. Wrap a soft string around the widest and most comfortable part of your wrist/ankle.


     2. Mark your measurement with a pen or marker on the string. 


     3. Place the string on a ruler and your marker will determine your wrist/ankle size/length.




How to measure your chain length: 


     1. Copy the same method as the bracelet size guide but wrap your soft tape measure and/or string around your decolletage and mark your best fit length! 


     2.Chain lengths can vary between individuals therefore different lengths will impact how a necklace will look and lay on you, making it completely unique to you.