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Emerald Chain Drop Earrings-Silver/Moonstone
Oval Teardrop Mismatched Earrings-Cream Oyster Shell/Labradorite
Oval Teardrop Mismatched Earrings-Blonde/Moonstone
Pave Mismatched Earrings-Black Lip Shell/Ebony
Pave Mismatched Earrings-Cream Oyster Shell/Blonde
Wood Tusk Earrings-Ebony/Blue Howlite
Wood Tusk Earrings-Blonde/Labradorite
Oval Teardrop Necklace-Cream Oyster Shell/Labradorite
Oval Teardrop Necklace-Blonde Wood/Moonstone
Half Moon Necklace-Black Lip Oyster Shell
Double Lariat-Gold/Labradorite
Wood Tusk Necklace-Blonde/Labdradorite
Wood Tassel Lariat-Blonde/Champagne
Wood Tassel Lariat-Ebony/Wine
Five Tassel Cuff-Champagne/Blue Howlite
Five Tassel Cuff-Black/Blue Howlite
Five Tassel Cuff-Navy/Ebony
Five Tassel Cuff-Wine/Blue Howlite
Five Tassel Cuff-Cream/Ebony
Emerald Cut Cuff-Moonstone
Emerald Cut Cuff-Labradorite
Emerald Cut Cuff-Blue Howlite
Shimmer Ring- Gold
Shimmer Ring- Silver

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