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We sat down with founder and creative director, Melanie Auld, to discuss her vision and inspiration behind The Golden Mosaic collection. 


This collection has such a one-of-a-kind and distinctive feel. What inspired you to lean into the mosaic art form when designing these pieces? 


I have been renovating an older home, 1905 to be exact, and I was inspired by the idea of blending different components to create something truly one of a kind and beautiful. Taking original details and adding contemporary elements to create something totally unique. I used that inspiration to design our Mosaic collection, taking classic shapes and arranging them in interesting ways to create pieces that really stand out. 


How would you describe the overall mood of this collection?  


This collection feels very special and almost art-deco to me. It marries the traditional aspects of the artform, that is mosaic, with more contemporary jewelry shapes. I think the finished pieces feel very eye-catching and I imagine that a person who is drawn to them is very much looking for special/stand-out jewelry. 



How do you envision customers interacting with and incorporating these pieces in with their fall fashion?  


I think this collection is the perfect addition to the "quiet luxury" vibe that is having a moment right now. It adds a point of view to a look without taking over. I am all about making a look personal and I think jewelry is a fabulous way to do just that! 

If you had to choose… is there a piece you’re most excited about or think the MAJ community will love the most?  


The Florentine pendant hands down! Named after my absolute favorite city in the world (Florence), I have been wearing this pendant with everything. I love it on a long chain alone and equally love it layered with other pendants when my neckline calls for a little more. It's very versatile and unique and I think it will become a staple going forward. 

Looking for your next statement piece? Explore the Golden Mosaic Collection

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