Q & A: Gold Vermeil

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Introducing Q&A – a series that answers your burning questions about all things Melanie Auld Jewelry. The topic of the moment: Gold Vermeil.



What is Gold Vermeil?  


Pronounced ‘ver-may', Gold Vermeil is a popular jewelry material that is the longest lasting and highest quality option after solid gold. Vermeil jewelry is crafted by electroplating a thick (2 microns) layer of 14k gold coating over Sterling Silver – making this an affordable option for those looking for a stunning new piece that lasts.  


What is the difference between Gold Vermeil and Gold Plated?


Gold plated jewelry is different from gold vermeil because it uses a base metal of brass or copper and is generally flash plated with 0.5 microns of gold alloy. Gold vermeil jewelry is significantly longer lasting than gold plated due to the sterling silver base material and a 2 micron-thick plating. With proper care, your gold vermeil pieces will live for years and patina perfectly! 

How do you care for Gold Vermeil?  


With proper care, your gold vermeil pieces will remain lustrous for years to come and patina perfectly. Always remove your gold vermeil pieces before showering, sleeping, swimming, or working out. To avoid the wearing of your plating, remove when in contact with water, lotions, perfumes or sweat. Do not use any cleaning solutions on your Gold Vermeil pieces. Instead, use a soft microfibre cloth to wipe them down after each wear to remove any excess oils that have transferred from your skin. Keep your pieces stored in an individual/airtight bag to protect them from exposure to outside elements. Pro tip: Never store your vermeil jewelry in the bathroom!  


Does vermeil turn your skin green?  


No! You can rest easy knowing that Gold Vermeil won’t turn your fingers or skin green. This is because vermeil is 14k gold gilded over sterling silver, while that greenish hue caused by low-quality jewelry is due to an abundant portion of copper in the metal alloy of the base material.  

If you’re looking for a lustrous piece of jewelry at an affordable price range, our selection of gold vermeil styles is perfect for celebrating special moments and for everyday styling. To learn more about the materials we use (or anything else!) at Melanie Auld, please don’t hesitate to connect with us at hello@melanieauld.com. We’d love to hear from you! 


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