Q&A: Pearls

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Introducing Q&A – a series that answers your burning questions about all things Melanie Auld Jewelry. The topic today: pearls. 


A mainstay piece in every jewelry collection, pearls add a timeless sheen to your everyday moments. Whether you’re going for the Grace Kelly-inspired classic look or trying something fresh you discovered on Tiktok – pearls are making a splash this season and we’ve got the lowdown on everything you need to know about this beloved gem.  


How are pearls formed?  


Unlike other precious gemstones that are usually mined, pearls are the product of an intricate process that occurs organically in nature. No pearl is ever the same – with the mystifying origin of these natural beauties all beginning with a grain of sand.  


What is the symbolism behind pearl jewelry? 


Born from an intimate embrace of elements, the pearl is a timeless symbol that represents inner beauty, serenity and wisdom. A classic and beloved gem that captures one's unique iridescence. 



What is a Baroque Pearl?  


Freshwater pearls, otherwise known as Baroque pearls, are characterized by their perfect imperfections. Derived from the Portuguese word 'barocco', which literally translates to ‘imperfect’, Baroque pearls are known and loved for their textured, modern appearance and organic shape, with each gem catching the light in its own one-of-a-kind way.  

How do you care for pearls? 


Caring for your pearl pieces is essential to preserving their lustre and longevity. To keep your pearls looking fresh, clean them gently with warm water and a soft cloth and store them away from anything that may scratch their delicate surface.  


How do you style pearls?  


When it comes to pearls – the world is your oyster! Get inspired in a recent edit about our favourite ways to style pearls here: Spring for Pearls


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