A Guide to Vancouver

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Based on your favourite jewelry. Your go-to gems say a lot about who you are – and where you like to eat.


8mm Chubby Hoops  

With a keen eye for quality – lovers of the Chubby hoop are in the know. Find her at Fabrique St George in Mount Pleasant with an au naturale wine flight, cheers-ing over charcuterie with her inner circle.




Allstar Pinky Ring  

Also known as: the effortlessly cool ring of this round-up. Lovers of this stacker are happy splitting a milkshake and fries while cheering on their beloved team. Best place in town for a post-game treat? Hundy Burger in Yaletown (and make sure you check out the back.) 


In a Mood Necklace  

You know we love a Kits gal! And we know she loves the Mood collection. In tune with herself and her whimsical ways, this free-spirited cutie lives for a Kokomo stopover on her way from yoga or a paddle-boarding sesh.  


Classic Tennis Bracelet  

A bracelet designed to show off your post-game glow, especially so at Vancouver’s most talked about steakhouse. Joe Fortes is at the top of the list for this lover of classics – and can you blame them? 


Transformation Medallion w/ long chain  

For the wildcard statement maker who’s forever experimenting with their personal style – bold motifs and sparkly pendants just go hand in hand. They love a DJ set, good food, and (most importantly) good fun. A DD Mau happy hour is where they’ll be. 

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