Travel Diary: Italy

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Get inspired by Mel’s latest adventure to Italy, where heritage and ingenuity converge to spark innovation for the world of Melanie Auld. 

As the founder and creative director, travel has always been at the helm of my inspirations here at MAJ. I am forever drawn to experiencing new places, building meaning through connections – and want my designs to reflect that. Italy is my ancestral home and heritage, and our artisan partners there play a crucial role in what we do.  

Explore my photo diary from my most recent visits to Venice, Vicenza, Grottaglie and Florence.



Venice Canals


The iconic canals of Venice evoke feelings of gratitude and inspiration, bringing me back to my roots and further articulating the storytelling pillar of the Melanie Auld brand. Exploring the many passageways, discovering artisans, and getting lost in the many winding streets of this magical city can allow one to really live in the moment. 

Inspiration in the everyday


Diaphanous glassware in elegant colourways reminiscent of art-deco styles and architectural design. This will be playing a key role in upcoming product drops for Spring/Summer 2023! 

All about gold


Visiting our partners in Vicenza – a city known for its architecture and gold production! Witnessing generational artisans honing their craft and bringing MAJ designs to life is a tangible component to the creative process, and one of my favourite things to do when visiting Italy.  

Grottaglia and Venice


I’m always keeping an eye out for interesting patterns, shapes and textures – and how they show up in my world. Interior design is a huge passion of mine and a source of inspiration for the jewelry and the boutique experience!  

No place like Florence


A visit to Italy is incomplete without a stopover in Florence; the birthplace of the Renaissance. The Cupola del Brunelleschi was one of the highlights of my time in this ethereal city. My absolute favorite city in Italy, Florence is the perfect size. Big enough to always discover something new but small enough to feel like a piece of it is yours. 

Thank you for following along! I hope this photo diary shares a glimpse behind the scenes of the design process and my daily inspirations. Until next time! 

Love, Mel 

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