Q & A: Solid Gold

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Introducing Q&A – a series that answers your burning questions about all things Melanie Auld Jewelry. The topic of the moment: Solid Gold. 



What is Solid Gold?


Melanie Auld pieces are crafted with 10k, 14k, and 18k solid gold. The ‘k’ refers to the karat weight, which is used to measure the purity of the gold or gold alloy. We use an alloy of solid gold and other metals (such as silver or copper) to design our solid gold jewelry, as pure gold is too soft a material to use for jewelry making.  


Yellow Gold  


Yellow gold is the most traditional of our precious metal options and a popular choice for heritage pieces, engagement bands, and everyday styling. Admiration for yellow gold can be traced back to ancient times and it has long been a symbol of opulence and luxury.  

Our 10 karat gold consists of 37.5% pure gold and 62.5% other alloyed metals, such as silver and copper.  

Our 14 karat gold consists of 58% pure gold and 42% other alloyed metals, such as silver and copper. 


White Gold 


For those who enjoy cooler tones, look no further than white gold. Often more durable than yellow gold, white gold is crafted by alloying pure gold with lighter-coloured metals such as palladium or silver.  

We offer 10k and 14k pieces in white gold.  


Rose Gold – MTO specific


Specific to our Made to Order Collection, rose gold adds a touch of warmth and romance to your jewelry assortment. Once known as Russian gold, rose gold is the more durable than its gold or white counterparts – as it is pure gold alloyed with copper (a sturdier metal.) 

What’s the difference between Solid Gold & Gold Vermeil?  


Solid Gold


Solid gold is pure gold, or gold that is alloyed with other metals to create durability and strength. Solid gold pieces can be worn every day without tarnishing, and generally appreciate over time.  


Gold Vermeil


Following solid gold, gold vermeil is the next best thing for wear and durability. Gold vermeil is created by coating sterling silver with 2 microns thick of 14k yellow gold and is a budget- friendly option  

Caring for Solid Gold: 


Solid gold jewelry can last you a lifetime, and we highly recommend following general care guidelines and best practices to get your pieces there in one piece. Polish your gold with a soft cloth or soft-bristled brush and store it in separate compartments or its original packaging to prevent scratches.  

Avoid chemical solutions when cleaning your jewelry. 


Where we source: 


We work with generational jewelers based in Italy, Spain and China to create handmade, luxury products. Our jewelers are certified by the RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council) which is the leading sustainability standard setting organization in the world, and 90% of the metals we use are recycled.   

If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that’s destined to last, solid gold is both durable and classic – the perfect, heirloom-quality metal to cherish for generations. To learn more about the materials we use (or anything else!) at Melanie Auld, please don’t hesitate to connect with us at hello@melanieauld.com. We’d love to hear from you! 

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