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Our Brand

Storytelling through beautiful objects

Everyone has a story to tell and at MAJ we believe your jewelry should as well. We create thoughtful, beautifully made jewelry that can be personalized to represent the big and little moments that life brings.

Whether it's the story of our customers, our team or our travels, we want to share, create and inspire. Each Melanie Auld piece is created with integrity and attention to detail. We utilize only the best materials at the hands of skilled craftsman throughout Canada, Italy, China and Spain. It's not enough to just create beautiful jewelry, we want to create pieces with meaning, longevity and soul.


Our People

Melanie Auld the brand was born in 2013 as one woman show. Since then we have added 10+ women to our family and continue to grow. The MAJ team is hard-working, genuine and always up for a laugh. We are travellers, writers, storytellers, artists and creators. Our jewelry is an extension of this. We've also never met a print we didn't like!


The Lifestyle

Travel is one of the biggest influencers of our design process. Getting out of one's own space is transformative and magical. Inspiration pours in, creativity is sparked and collections are born. Meeting artisans from all over the world and hearing their stories fuels our soul and allows us to be innovative and inspired. We love the idea of our jewelry being with you as you create all of your own travel memories and inspirations!